The History of the Industrial Revolution, The Great History That Became the Origin of the Birth of Working Workers in Society

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The industrial revolution, the invention of the steam engine and the manufacturing system gave birth to a new class in urban society, namely the workers.

Therefore, the industrial revolution is also one of the important events to find out how labor groups emerged in society.

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The History of the Industrial Revolution, The Great History That Became the Origin of the Birth of Working Workers in Society

The Industrial Revolution started in England in the late 18th century and brought about major changes in the way people produced goods and services.

This revolution marked the shift from production dominated by human and animal power to production of machines such as steam power, and made efficient large-scale production possible.

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The Industrial Revolution brought about major social and economic changes and played an important role in shaping the modern world.

According to the book The Industrial Revolution; A Very Short Introduction by Robert C. Allen, the Industrial Revolution began in 18th century England due to certain social, political and economic conditions that made Britain an ideal place for innovation and major changes in manufacturing.

Factors such as the government’s pro-innovation policies, technological developments in the textile industry, and the interest of the middle class in manufacturing enabled massive technological and production developments.

One of the biggest innovations of the Industrial Revolution was the Jacquard loom, which made it possible to weave more intricate and detailed patterns.

These looms allow for faster and more efficient production of complex designs that previously could only be done by hand and were time-consuming.

Apart from that, the steam engine was another important innovation of the industrial revolution. The steam engine made it possible to generate electricity and produce production facilities much faster and more efficiently than before.

Steam engine technology made it possible to build trains and steamships, which changed the way people transported and traded.

The industrial revolution had a huge impact on the economy, politics and society. Ultimately, it influenced progress and political policies around the world and shaped the modern economy.

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