What Happened on July 25th? These are Seven Events in Between in World History


BONSERNEWS.com – Many important events in this world happened on July 25th. Some are recorded, some are not recorded. Some of what was recorded later became history to be remembered and used as a lesson for future generations.

Here are seven important events that occurred on July 25 in world history:

1. July 25, 1593

Seine River Flood: A major flood occurred on the Seine River in Paris, France, which caused significant damage to the city.

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2. July 25, 1799

Issuance of the Napoleonic Charter: The Napoleonic Charter, which is an important legal foundation in France, is published. This charter introduced a number of significant legal and administrative reforms.

3. July 25, 1861

First Battle of Bull Run: The First Battle of Bull Run, the first major battle of the American Civil War, took place in Virginia, United States. This battle was won by the Confederate forces.

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4. July 25, 1943

Operation Gomorrah: The Allies launched a major airstrike against the city of Hamburg, Germany, in a campaign known as Operation Gomorrah during World War II.

5. July 25, 1952

Liberation of Mexico from the Spanish Monarchy: After a long struggle, Mexico succeeded in proclaiming its independence from the Spanish monarchy.

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