What Happened on July 26? These are Seven Events in Between in World History


BONSERNEWS.com – Many important events in this world happened on July 26th. Some are recorded, some are not recorded. Some of what was recorded later became history to be remembered and used as a lesson for future generations.

Here are seven important events that occurred on July 26 in world history:

1. July 26, 657

Battle of Siffin: The Battle of Siffin was fought between the forces of the Islamic Caliphate under the leadership of Ali bin Abi Talib and the troops of Muawiyah bin Abu Sufyan during the Islamic Civil War. This battle became one of the important events in the early history of Islam.

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2. July 26, 1775

Founding of the United States Postal Service: The United States Continental Congress created the United States Postal Service, the first legal postal service in the United States.

3. July 26, 1847

Liberian Independence Day: Liberia, a country in West Africa, proclaims its independence from United States colonialism. This day is celebrated as Liberia’s Independence Day.

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4. July 26, 1945

Potsdam Conference: The Potsdam Conference started between Allied leaders (United States, Soviet Union, and United Kingdom) after the end of World War II. This conference discussed the post-war division of Germany and plans for the future of Europe.

5. July 26, 1953

Cuban Revolution: The Cuban Revolution started with the attack on Kaserne Moncada, a military base in Santiago de Cuba. Although the attack failed, the revolution was led by Fidel Castro and finally managed to overthrow the government of Fulgencio Batista in 1959.

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