Bloody Sunday Events in Russia, Demonstrations That Ended in Tragedy That Triggered the Emergence of the Russian Revolution

[ad_1] – Labor Day often contains many tragic events in various worlds. This tragedy includes not far from the struggle for the rights and obligations of companies related to guaranteeing workers’ welfare.

Russia is one of the countries that also experienced a similar event, namely political turmoil which triggered strikes in various places.

One of the most historic and sad events related to labor is the Bloody Sunday Incident that occurred on January 22, 1905.

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In that incident, Imperial Russian security forces opened fire on thousands of civilians demonstrating peacefully near the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg.

The events began around the end of 1904, when a general strike broke out in various parts of Russia. The strike was sparked by popular discontent with the reign of Tsar Nicholas II and his authoritarian rule.

These demonstrations and strikes also brought the agenda for the struggle for workers’ rights and social reform. On January 22, 1905, thousands of people gathered near the Winter Palace to protest the tsar’s rule and demand social reforms.

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This demonstration was organized by an Orthodox priest, namely Father George Gapon.

During the demonstration, the demonstrators only carried flags and banners and were not armed.

However, without warning or provocation, security forces opened fire on the demonstrators, killing around 200 people and wounding more than 800 others.

In the Narva Gerban, where Gapon stood at the head of the column, 40 people were shot dead in front of him.

The events of Bloody Sunday shocked Russian society and sparked a wave of protests and uprisings across the country.

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