5 Oldest Railway Stations in Indonesia that are Still Active


BONSERNEWS.com – The history of Indonesian railways began 159 years ago.

This development is seen by the construction of a number of train stations in various regions.

The Dutch East Indies railway company, namely the Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij, built a railway line for the Samarang-Tanggung route.

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After that, the Dutch government established another train operator, Staatsspoorwegen.

They built a train line from Buitenzorg to Surabaya. The first line opened on May 16, 1878.

However, not all lines made before and after Indonesian Independence are still active.

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There are several stations that are still active today.

Here are the 5 oldest stations in Indonesia which are still actively serving train trips.

1. Responsibility Station

Responsibility Station is located in the village of Responsibility, Grobogan Regency, Central Java.

This station was built since 1864 by NIS and renovated in 1910.

This station was a witness to the opening of the first railway line between Responsibility – Kemijen as far as 25 km by the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies Ludolph Anne Jan Wilt Baron Sloet van de Beele.

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