Listen! This is the Worst Catastrophe, It Nearly Exterminated Humanity

[ad_1] – Disaster is an event where an event that creates tragedy, a disaster can be created either natural or man-made disaster can be one of these disasters.

Natural disasters consist of many types such as Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Mount Eruptions, Falling Meteors and others, there are also disasters that originate from humans or man-made disasters such as Floods, Fires or Plagues

The following are natural disasters or man-made disasters that almost destroyed humans:

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1. Solar Storm (2 September 1859 and 23 July 2012)

In 1859 a solar storm phenomenon occurred, in that year the storm damaged some electronic devices such as radios and telegrams.

The solar storms that had the most impact were in North America and Europe, where in those years electricity technology was most developed on both continents.

According to the records of the incident, Aurora was seen all over the world and created electromagnetic disturbances that made electronic objects unusable.

Apart from these notes, the earth in modern times is unexpectedly almost experiencing a repeat of this incident, on July 32, 2012.

Where on July 23 2012 where if it happened it might cause world level damage because today’s era is dependent on electronic devices.

2. Black Dead (1345 – 1351)

If you remember Covid-19, which is an epidemic outbreak that forced the whole world to lock down in every country that was exposed to this outbreak.

But if we look back, human history will always be side by side with plagues, and among these plagues, the most terrible plague is the Black Dead.

Black Dead or the black plague is the most terrible plague caused by human stupidity, especially people living in Europe at that time.

This is due to the dirty and dirty lifestyle of European society, where a lot of raw food such as meat and fish is put out so that it is surrounded by flies.

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