The History of the Iconic Shinkansen Train, the Bullet Train that Becomes a Shining Symbol of Japan’s Technological Development – Trains are one of the most widely used public transportation in Japan.

Of the many trains in Japan, Shinkansen is one of the public transportation that can be found in Japan.

Shinkansen is also known as a bullet train that connects all over the city. In Japanese, Shinkansen means new main line.

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The Shinkansen itself is a symbol for the development of Japanese technology as a fast and efficient means of transportation.

The speed of this Shinkansen is no joke, because its top speed can reach 320 km/hour.

According to the Japan Rail Pass, the Shinkansen is said to be one of the few transit systems in the world that has never had a fatal accident in its history.

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Therefore, it is interesting to trace the history of the Shinkansen which is still popular today.

History of the Shinkansen

Talking about the history of the Shinkansen, this train is more than half a century old starting in 1964.

The first bullet train named Hikari which served the journey from Tokyo Station to Shin-Osaka Station.

The Hikari bullet train, also known as the Shinkansen model 0, remained in use until 1999.

Due to the public’s affirmative response to the Shinkansen, the line was extended in 1975.

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