18 May 2023: Getting to Know the History and Meaning of the Ascension of Jesus Christ, This Thursday’s Holiday


BONSERNEWS.com – Thursday, May 18 2023 is celebrated as the Ascension Day of Jesus Christ and to honor this, the government has designated a national holiday, with the aim of mutual respect for every religion in Indonesia.

Does anyone know the history of Ascension Day of Jesus Christ? So Isa Almasih was someone who was destined to be born without a father. In Islam he is believed to be a prophet sent by Allah SWT. which descended before Muhammad SAW.

Meanwhile, in Christianity Jesus Christ is also known as Jesus Christ. So, equally recognized in the two religions.

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History of the Ascension of Jesus Christ

Ascension of Isa Almasih is the event where Jesus ascended to heaven and then disappeared from sight.

This event occurred 40 days after the resurrection of Jesus which was witnessed by his disciples as recorded in the New Testament passage in the Christian Bible.

Jesus showed himself to be alive to his disciples by various signs. In the Gospels of Mark and the Gospel of Ma it is explained that the events of the ascension of Jesus Christ are not clearly stated.

Mark’s record states that after Jesus ascended he was taken up to heaven, and then sat at the right hand of God.

Whereas in the Gospel of Matthew there is no record of the increase which is contained only as a reference.

“You have said it. However, I say to you, from now on you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of the Almighty and coming on the clouds of heaven.”(Matthew 26:64).

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Saint Augustine once said that the ascension of Jesus did not mean leaving his people nor leaving heaven. Rather, a new life of faith begins.

The Meaning of Ascension of Jesus Christ

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