Set up a non-binding inquiry in writing


Form of non-binding inquiry

You don’t have to pay any legal attention to the form of a non-binding inquiry, but in order for it to come across as serious, it should be in the form of a business letter:

  • Also write short inquiries only on an A4 sheet of paper. Apart from the fact that it is usual, the request can be filed in this way and is available for later queries. Small “notes” are easily lost.
  • Include your name and department in the sender. Provide a phone number where you can be reached during normal business hours. Do this even if you want a written answer, a question can always arise.
  • If at all possible, direct the non-binding inquiry to a specific person, not just to the company. In the case of large companies, the request could otherwise wander through the company for weeks before it arrives.
  • Write your request (enquiry) in the subject line, use a standard form of address and one of the business greetings such as “Best regards”.

That should be in the request

  • In the non-binding inquiry, ask for information about the product, the price and the delivery conditions. This makes it clear that it is not an order and that you just want to know something.
  • Name the product precisely and also mention what you need it for. This gives you a good chance of getting additional advice. Only if the company you contact knows what you need something for can they tell you if you are e.g. B. Inquiring about the wrong product. In addition, the other person recognizes that you are serious about the request, i.e. that you intend to buy.
  • Finally, state how you would like an answer. If you could not give your extension number in the sender, e.g. B. on company paper, where the number of the head office is already printed, write: “If you have any questions, please call the number….”
  • In the case of complicated products, it may be that the price can only be given after an extensive calculation. Sometimes there is also a note that a cost estimate is only possible against calculation. In this case, ask for free advance information with approximate dates.

A non-binding inquiry formulated in this way will certainly be taken into account and will never be confused with an order.

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