Business letter: line spacing and the like – this is how the formatting works


You can compose the business letter using various word processing programs such as B. Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.

The content of the business letter

  • When writing a business letter, you should make sure that you include your personal address as well as the address of the recipient. Your address is in the header or on the right-hand side of the business letter. The address of the recipient is on the left side of the business letter.
  • The place and date should also be given in the right margin. As well as the subject line for the content of the letter. This is above the personal salutation of the recipient.
  • At the end it is important that you add the phrase “Best regards” to the end of the business letter and sign it with your first and last name underneath.

Set line spacing etc. for business letters

  1. In the first two lines, on the right-hand side of the business letter, you should enter your private address with first and last name, street and house number, postal code and city, as well as your telephone number and, if applicable, your e-mail address. The line spacing between your address and the recipient’s address should be approximately two lines.
  2. You can then enter the recipient’s address on the left-hand side of the business letter. Here, too, you should state the name of the recipient (possibly with company), street and house number, postal code and city.
  3. For the next step, you don’t need to consider line spacing. In the next line, enter the location and the current date again on the right-hand side. Again, note a line spacing of two lines and enter the subject of the business letter on the left-hand side. The subject should briefly summarize the content, e.g. E.g. “Application for…”.
  4. The line spacing between the subject and the personal salutation should again be two lines. Now enter the personal salutation “Dear Sir or Madam”, “Dear Ms/Mr…” in your business letter. Leave a blank line and start writing the body of your business letter.
  5. Finally, you must again observe a line spacing of two lines and enter the closing phrase “Best regards”.
  6. The font size for your business letter should be approximately 12 dpt and the font should be Times New Roman or Arial.

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