Write the letter of acceptance correctly

Writing a letter of acceptance is usually much easier than writing a rejection. Nevertheless, you should keep a few important points in mind. Mistakes that leave a negative impression can also be made in writing that is light in content.

How to write a letter of acceptance

  1. In any case, you should take a close look at the sender of the letter to which you want to write a letter of acceptance. You should definitely refer to this sender and not use general salutations such as “Dear Sir or Madam”.
  2. In the letter of acceptance you should then mention again what the content is about. Countless letters are sent every day, especially in larger companies. Of course, this means that the responsible person cannot remember all the addressees.
  3. You should not stretch the text unnecessarily. It is usually sufficient if you formulate it as briefly as possible. The recipient certainly has no desire to read long, meaningless texts.
  4. You should then write “Best regards” as a greeting. Below that is your full name.

Correct spelling is also important in the letter of acceptance

  • Before you send off your letter of acceptance, you should definitely check it for spelling and grammatical errors. An incorrect text immediately leaves a negative impression on the recipient.
  • You should also check all data, such as recipient and date. You should also avoid mistakes as much as possible.
  • A mistake that also happens frequently is insufficient postage on the letter. In such a case, the recipient will probably not pay the penalty postage and will therefore refuse to accept it.

It remains to be said that you should also write politely and neutrally in a letter of acceptance. Neither exuberant emotional outbursts nor personal matters belong in a letter of acceptance.

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