National Education Day Remembers History, Meaning and Figure of Ki Hajar Dewantara, Here’s the Explanation – Every May 2 is celebrated as National Education Day, does anyone know the history and meaning of this day’s determination?

National Education Day or abbreviated as HARDIKNAS has an important history for the people of Indonesia.

The reason is that the commemoration of Education Day can make the nation aware of the importance of education and can reflect on the spirit of past fighters to uphold education in Indonesia.

History of National Education Day

If you look at its history, HARDIKNAS is commemorated to coincide with the birthday of Ki Hajar Dewantara, who is a national hero with the nickname as the father of Indonesian education.

This determination is supported by Presidential Decree No. 316 of 1959. This is a manifestation of the central government for the struggle of the heroes to seize educational rights for natives during the colonial period.

Ki Hajar Dewantara fought for native education through his criticism of the Dutch government’s policies regarding education at that time, in a book entitled Als Ik een Nederlander was (supposing I was Dutch.

The criticism then made him exiled to the Netherlands. Not long after in 1918 when he arrived in his homeland, he then poured his attention on education in Indonesia.

Around 1922 he then founded a school called Taman Siswa.

This school was born because of the idea of ​​Ki Hajar Dewantara and his friends in the Yogyakarta area. The aim of this school is to fight colonialism through education and culture.

Efforts to equalize education for natives were prioritized at that time by Ki Hajar Dewantara. because before Taman Siswa the schools built by the Dutch in the Indies were only intended for nobles and people of Dutch descent.

The Meaning of Commemorating National Education Day

The meaning of the HARDIKAS commemoration is to be able to increase the enthusiasm of the younger generation to continue studying wherever they are without any age restrictions or economic constraints.

In addition, an important form of commemoration today is to appreciate the struggle of the heroes to uphold education in Indonesia.

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