5 Tips for Budgeting End of Year Holidays to Stay Cheap Everywhere

Towards the end of the year, the most awaited thing is a vacation. Some people have even planned it in advance so they can get cheap tickets, because the end of the year has arrived.”peak season“. So many of them have already budgeted for holidays at the end of the year.

Have you done it yet?

Andy Nugrohoa financial planner from Education Idea Partners (MRE) as taken by the MSN.com portal, explained “For vacation moments, whether it’s a holiday celebrating religious holidays, final year holidays, or any kind of vacation, it should indeed be planned and budgeted for..”

Well, in order to still enjoy the final year happily, it is necessary to make a budget for the final year so that you can control your financial patterns wisely.

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Vacation Budgeting Tips For The End Of The Year

Vacation Budgeting Tips For The End Of The Year
source: trans7.co.id

Here are a number of things that I have summarized so that I can help you plan your holiday budgeting for the end of the year.

Let’s see!

1. Buying tickets and booking accommodation in advance

Usually if we order tickets or services from afar, the prices sold are still relatively low compared to the ones we buy near the end of the year.

In fact, it is recommended to plan for a year’s vacation in advance, and book tickets up to six months in advance of the vacation date.

2. Special Promotions

Take advantage of the various promotions available, and use services that can make it easier to choose and plan a vacation at a cheaper price. For example, you can choose airplane tickets with the SkyScanner website, which can provide cheaper ticket prices. You can also choose facilities with the Trivago website.

Also use promotions that you can get by redeeming shopping points, such as Telkomsel Points, Go-Points, and others. Don’t forget, also use your credit card points, especially those that will expire at the end of the year.

3. Don’t Take Loans For Vacations

Don’t go into debt for vacations, because the effects will be felt long after the vacation is over. Do not let you still pay debt installments after the vacation is over.

Besides that, you also have to pay interest on the debt, and this will make it difficult for you to save.

4. Restrict Credit Card Use

Credit cards have a positive side if we use them while on vacation, because generally credit cards often provide various points and even promotions that can be used to ease costs for paying for hotels and flights.

According to katadata.co.id “You should still limit the use of credit cards while on vacation. Of course you don’t want the credit card bill that arrives after your vacation to be bigger than the next month’s wages, right?

5. Create a Memorable “Routine”.

Holidays that impress don’t have to spend a lot of money. There are many examples of “customs” or certain habits on vacation that are economical but impressive.

For example: Substitute gifts with a certain budget limit, Host a cooking party that includes everyone, host a family movie viewing event with snacks

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