How to Delete Personal Data from Loan Companies (Online Loans)


In posting on this occasion I will share a guide to deleting important personal privacy data from loan services. For those of you who are aware of the priority of data privacy and have become addicts to online loan or online credit programs in the past, you can follow the method I have reviewed here.

The presence of online loan programs and online credit looks quite attractive coupled with good offers wrapped in usury. This is certain that their service was registered or was previously registered by the OJK, but it is not a guarantee if our data is completely safe.

Many bad actors sell our personal data and abuse it illegally without the permission of the data owner. Some of those related include contact lists, ID card selfie photos, KK photos, etc. Therefore, former addicts to online lending and online credit programs who feel uncomfortable with sending spam have started looking for ways to secure their data so that they are free from SMS/phone spam from an annoying service.

Here are some tips for deleting important personal data from loan services or online loans. You can also limit loan programs so that they don’t connect to your contact list all the time.

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Removing Privacy Data From Online Loan Applications

Many people seek online loans for urgent needs or because they need funds. They believe they can return the loan based on the agreed tenor. However, they don’t know what will happen to their personal data in the hands of the loan company they use.

We know how the online loan mechanism works, especially for customers who do not pay installments even though they are actually due. The steps commonly taken by loan officers are to call the customer’s number several dozen times in one minute.

Not only that, programs installed on Android smartphones can also access contact list information. The loan officer will later be able to notify via short message if you have unpaid debts on these numbers.

It can be said that most of our personal data is held by the borrower faction, including a list of cell phone contacts, scans of KTP, KK, SIM NPWP and others. Some of this data is very prone to being misused by bad actors to be marketed or registered on other services illegally without the permission of the original data owner.

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The Dangers of Installing Online Loan Applications

Removing Privacy Data From Online Loan Applications

Just installing the loan application on an Android smartphone is risky because you give permission to the program to access the contact list, let alone make loans online.

1. Debt-ridden

Be careful that you don’t get into debt problems. This is especially true for illegal loan services that are not registered with the OJK as fintech companies that are not legally licensed. Of course it’s more risky for you personally who use it.

Apart from the grave sin of entering into usury practices, applying for online loans to illegal fintech companies has a detrimental effect, especially in the distortion of personal data after the customer has completed all the required filed documents before the loan can be disbursed.

2. Risk of Data Theft

The loan program that you install on your Android smartphone gets permission to connect some personal data of the prospective borrower (remember, new candidate). The list of active contacts on your smartphone is very valuable and can be marketed to other companies.

Customers who are in arrears or experience problems in paying installment credit often get terror from loan factions regarding personal data irregularities which of course can really destroy the good name of these customers.

There are many examples of fintech that used to be legal now becomes illegal. That’s why you have to check on the OJK website manually. Generally, if the fintech service that you use is under the supervision of the OJK, of course our personal data is only used in the proposed creditworthiness research.

However, it still doesn’t demand the opportunity that there are bad actors in every company.

3. Very High Interest

Online loan companies usually apply very high and unusual interest to their customers because of the ease in which the process is provided. This is what makes customers less careful in paying attention to the terms and conditions stated in an agreement.

In the end, the customer is in debt and has difficulty paying installments. Therefore, before deciding to borrow from fintech services, you should think carefully first. If you still have relatives, try borrowing money from them first and make the loan program the last option.

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Things to Look For Before Deleting Data From Loan Companies

If you want privacy data removed from the loan company, then you have to pay all loans and interest. In the initial agreement, you must really understand the loan agreement so that you don’t have problems later.

There are many customers who pay loans continuously from the beginning, only borrowing IDR 500,000. In the end, the number of bills can reach millions due to extending the tenor or fines due to overdue terms.

Even your contact list on your cellphone (family, friends, co-workers) who has no relationship is really disturbed if you avoid paying credit obligations. Your good name will be tarnished both in the family environment, work environment or community environment.

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