Tips To Be Able To Exercise While Fasting For Sufferers With A History Of Heart Disease


Having a history of heart disease makes sufferers have to be extra careful in maintaining their health patterns. If it is handled incorrectly, it will actually worsen the heart condition and be at risk of death. Especially according to the data Riskesdasheart problems are the highest deadly disease in Indonesia.

For this reason, exercise can be one of the tips for keeping your heart healthy.

Good Time To Exercise For Sufferers Of Cardiac History

Cardiologist and Blood Vessel Specialist, dr. Vito A Damay, Sp.JP(K), M.Kes, FIGA, FICA, FAsCC informed that if people with heart disease want to exercise during the month of Ramadan, it should be done in the afternoon before breaking the fast.

It’s okay to exercise (for people with heart disease) as well as exercise in general, but the time may have to be arranged. If you have heart disease and you are still fasting, you should exercise closer to breaking the fast,” said dr. Vito some time ago in an online discussion.

He also told him not to push himself when exercising. It would be very dangerous if a heart patient pushes himself then becomes weak and then faints. For that it would be nice to do sports with light intensity.

If indeed there is a choice, you can do light exercise for 2 hours after breaking the fast or you can do light exercise just before breaking the fast, but see what he is capable of.,” he explained.

Indeed, the time of the afternoon is recommended because it is almost breaking the fast. So when you are getting tired and dehydrated, you can immediately break your fast to drink. Even though morning exercise is not highly recommended, it can still be done with light basic warm-up movements.

Therefore, of course, it’s an option, each person has the ability, but if you want something really safe, of course, between before breaking the fast and also after breaking the fast first so that you are more fit. Because after eating so two hours after eating,” he explained

A medical worker who practices at Siloam Hospitald Lippo Village warns heart sufferers not to do excessive exercise, because often at first glance the condition does not appear. A detailed examination can only be through a check-up as well as an ultrasound of the heart.

Someone who has heart disease is not necessarily in a weak state, you know, you can still be strong. There are also people who have mild heart disease. From the results of the next examination, there is an ultrasound of the heart, routine checks can also be used to see their abilities, a treadmill can too,” he explained.

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