What Happened on June 21? These are 7 Events in Between in World History


BONSERNEWS.com – What happened on June 21? Here are 7 important events in world history:

1. June 21, 1788

The United States Constitution is ratified. Delaware became the first state to accept the US Constitution, which was later adopted by other states, forming the basic framework of government of the United States that is still in effect today.

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2. June 21, 1948

The Soviet Union ends the Berlin Blockade. After more than a year of the Berlin Blockade, the Soviet Union lifted restrictions on the supply of food and fuel to West Berlin. This is considered a victory for the United States and Western countries in the Berlin Conflict.

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3. June 21, 1982

Great Britain received back the Falkland Islands from Argentina. After 74 days of war, the United Kingdom managed to retake the Falkland Islands which were controlled by Argentina. The Falkland War was an armed conflict between the two countries which resulted in a number of casualties.

4. June 21, 2004

NASA launched the Mars Exploration Rover spacecraft named “Opportunity”. This vehicle was sent to Mars to carry out exploration and scientific data collection. The Opportunity mission exceeded initial expectations and became one of the most successful missions in Mars exploration.

5. June 21, 2006

Mexican Presidential Election. Felipe Calderón, of the National Action Party (PAN), was declared the winner of the Mexican presidential election after a close and controversial result. This election had a major impact on Mexican politics and society.

6. June 21, 2012

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