What Happened on June 20? These are 7 Events in Between in World History

BONSERNEWS.com – This article provides an overview of various important events that occurred on June 20 in world history. Apart from those discussed, there are still very many important events that occur, here it is limited to 7 events.

Here are seven events that occurred on June 20 in world history:

1. June 20, 1782

The United States Congress adopted the Great Coat of Arms of the United States of America. The emblem later became the basis for the state emblems of several countries in the United States.

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2. June 20, 1837

Queen Victoria ascends the throne as Queen of the United Kingdom. Queen Victoria’s reign was one of the longest in British history, and her reign is often referred to as the “Victorian Age”.Also Read: What Happened on June 19? These are 7 Events in Between in World History

3. June 20, 1948

The Soviet Union begins the Blockade of Berlin. This measure sought to isolate West Berlin from supplies of food, fuel and other resources, in response to the introduction of the Deutsche Mark by Western nations in German-occupied territory.

4. June 20, 1975

The film Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg, was released. Jaws became one of the most acclaimed films in cinema history and is considered a pioneer film in the horror-thriller genre.

5. June 20, 2003

NASA astronaut Sally Ride has died. Sally Ride became the first American woman to go to space when she launched with the space shuttle Challenger in 1983.

6. June 20, 2013

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