Tips for Keeping Your Perfume Lasting Longer All Day


Do You Know Perfume Tips To Make It Long Lasting? Who doesn’t use it. Perfume has become one of the most important needs in everyday life. Perfume reflects someone who is clean, even religion strongly recommends its use.

But have you ever felt that your perfume doesn’t last long, even though you bought it expensively? Especially with Indonesia’s super hot conditions, it will definitely cause excessive sweating so you will be less confident.

Well, the problem with perfume that doesn’t last long has always been a scourge for all of us. But don’t worry, I will share simple tips on how to keep the perfume smelling good all day long.

Let’s find out!

1. Don’t apply perfume on your wrist

Rubbing perfume on your wrist will actually cause the loss of important particles contained in your perfume, even though these particles play an important role as a source of aroma in perfume.

2. Spread Body Lotion Makes Perfume Smell Long Lasting

Tips on this one rarely people do because not many people know about it. Applying body lotion will help the perfume smell last longer, you know, because it can lock the fragrance molecules in the perfume, so you will smell good all day long.

3. Place Fragrance Oil Away from Sunlight & Sharp Smelling Objects

The fragrance from the perfume will evaporate and then disappear when exposed to direct sunlight or objects with strong odors, so choose cool places and away from these things.

Many people use perfume in inappropriate ways, such as in the shirt or pants. Even though you want the scent of perfume to last a long time but instead it disappears instantly, but don’t worry, you can try spraying perfume on several places on your body, let’s see!!

4. Hair

So that the fragrance is evenly distributed, don’t spray it directly on your hair, but spray it on your comb then comb it. Let’s try it because the hair shaft can keep the scent of perfume longer.

5. Behind the Ears

Spraying perfume in this section will make your perfume smell last longer, because it is the location of the blood vessels that will cause your perfume to spread throughout the body.

6. Deep Elbow

Previously the author has shared the tips above for using body lotion so that the fragrance lasts longer, so this is the place, first apply lotion in this section and then spray your favorite perfume.

So, those are some tips for keeping your perfume smelling longer than usual and making you more confident all day long, good luck.

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