Does anyone know the history of the National Police from time to time? Come on, let’s study together and see the full explanation

[ad_1] – Does anyone know the history of the Police from time to time? Come on, let’s study together and see the full explanation.

The following is a brief history of Polri from time to time, from before independence to the present.

1. History of the Police before Indonesian Independence

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During the Majapahit Kingdom era, the prime minister of Gajah Mada formed a security force named Bhayangkara whose job was to protect the king and the kingdom.

During the Dutch colonial period, the security forces began with the formation of guard troops from native people to protect the assets and wealth of Europeans in the Dutch East Indies.

The modern police force of the Dutch East Indies in 1897-1920 was the forerunner to the formation of the current Polri.

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During the Japanese occupation, the Indonesian police were divided into regions. Even though the National Police Chief was filled by Indonesian officials, Japanese officials had more power than the National Police Chief at that time.

2. Early Indonesian Independence Police History

Period 1945-1950: On August 19, 1945 the State Police Agency (BKN) was formed by the Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence (PPKI).

On September 29, 1945 President Soekarno appointed RS Soekanto Tjokrodiatmodjo to become Head of the National Police (KKN).

Period 1950-1959: Head of the National Police remained in the post of Soekanto Tjokrodiatmodjo Hospital. Until this period the police had a separate status between civilians and the military which had its own organization and salary regulations.

3. History of the Police in the Old Order Period

On July 13, 1959 with Presidential Decree No. 154/1959 The National Police Chief also served as Junior Minister for Police and Junior Minister for Veterans.

On August 26, 1959 with the First Ministerial Circular No. 1/MP/RI1959, it was stipulated that the title of Chief of the State Police was changed to the Deputy Minister of Police who leads the Police Department (instead of the State Police Department).

When President Soekarno stated that he would form an Armed Forces consisting of an Armed Forces and a Police Force, Soekanto Tjokrodiatmodjo Hospital expressed his objections on the grounds of maintaining police professionalism.

On December 15, 1959 Soekanto Tjokrodiatmodjo Hospital resigned after serving as Chief of the National Police/Young Minister of Police, thus ending the career of the Indonesian National Police from September 29, 1945 to December 15, 1959.

4. History of the Indonesian National Police during the New Order Period

In 1969 with Presidential Decree No. 52/1969 the title Commander of the Police Force was replaced again according to Law no. 13/1961 became Head of the Indonesian National Police, but the abbreviation is no longer KKN but Kapolri. This change in designation was inaugurated on July 1, 1969. ()

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