Commemoration of World Bicycle Day, From History to Meaning, Let’s See More

[ad_1] – Does anyone know what day June 3, 2023 is celebrated as? So it turns out that it is celebrated as World Bicycle Day or World Bicycle Day.

Bicycle is one of the non-polluting transportation that can provide health benefits for the body. According to WHO, cycling can reduce heart disease, stroke, cancer, and many more.

The purpose of this warning is to remind the benefits of cycling that are good for the body as well as promote a non-polluted mode of transportation that is safe for the environment.

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History of World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day was originally designated on 12 April 2018 by the United Nations General Assembly. The idea for this commemoration was pioneered by Professor Leszek Sibilski, a Polish sociology professor.

Around 2015 he began to conduct research on the role of bicycles in sustainable development.

Reported from United Nations. orgSafe infrastructure for cycling is also one of the pathways for greater equity in health.

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This project then prompted the United Nations to take a decision on the importance of commemorating bicycle day. Because it turns out that bicycles also have an important role in the welfare of many people, not only in terms of the economy but also health.

With bicycles, this simple mode of transportation is expected to eliminate economic disparities that exist in the community.

As many as 56 countries supported the importance of commemorating World Bicycle Day, they also realized the benefits of this commemoration.

After that, a logo was made to commemorate World Bicycle Day. The creation was carried out by Professor John E. Swanson, he then designed the illustration for the logo.

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