What Happened on June 29? These are 7 Events in Between in World History

BONSERNEWS.com – What happened on June 29? Here are seven important events that occurred on June 29 that were recorded that later became part of world history:

1. June 29, 1613

Founding City of New Amsterdam. The Dutch established a trading settlement on Manhattan Island which later grew into the city of New York City, one of the world’s leading financial and cultural centers.

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2. June 29, 1767

The Russian Empire issues the Expansion Decree, claiming Alaska as its territory. This marked the beginning of Russia’s journey in Alaska before selling it to the United States in 1867.

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3. June 29, 1850

Sweden became the first country to pass a copyright protection law. This law provides legal protection for copyrights and intellectual property rights.

4. June 29, 1927

Amelia Earhart’s pioneering flight became the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a solo flight. This feat made him an icon in aviation history.

5. June 29, 1974

The Liancourt Rocks Agreement was signed between Japan and South Korea. This agreement ends a long-standing territorial dispute between the two countries over the ownership of the Liancourt Islands in the East Sea.

6. June 29, 2006

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