What Happened on June 24th? These are 7 Events in Between in World History


BONSERNEWS.com – What happened on June 24? Here are seven important events that occurred on June 24 that were recorded that later became part of world history:

1. June 24, 1314

The Battle of Bannockburn ended, in which the Scots under King Robert the Bruce defeated English troops during the First Scottish War of Independence. This victory was a milestone in Scotland’s struggle to maintain their independence.

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2. June 24, 1509

King Henry VIII ascended the English throne after the death of his father, King Henry VII. Henry VIII’s reign became one of the most influential in English history, mainly because he was involved in the English Reformation and broke relations with the Roman Catholic Church.

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3. June 24, 1922

Walther Rathenau, a prominent German statesman and business executive, was assassinated by a far-right group in an attempt to thwart Germany’s post-World War I political and economic restructuring. Rathenau’s assassination rocked Germany and reflected the political tensions of the time.

4. June 24, 1948

Union Airways Flight 624 crashed near Whenuapai, New Zealand, killing all 13 on board and crew. It was one of the deadliest plane crashes in New Zealand history at the time.

5. June 24, 1983

“Cyndi Lauper” released her iconic hit song, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”. This song became an international hit and cemented Cyndi Lauper’s popularity as a singer and pop icon.

6. June 24, 2010

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