What Happened on July 11th? These are Seven Events in Between in World History

BONSERNEWS.com – Many important events in the world happened on July 11th. Some are noted, some are not. Some records of these events then become part of world history to be remembered and used as lessons.

Here are seven important events that occurred on July 11:

1. July 11, 1346

Battle of Crécy – On July 11, 1346, the Battle of Crécy was fought during the Hundred Years’ War between England and France. This battle ended in a crushing victory for the British troops led by King Edward III, who used effective long arrow tactics.

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2. July 11, 1804

Assassination of Alexander Hamilton – On July 11, 1804, former United States Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton was killed in a duel with then Vice President of the United States, Aaron Burr. This duel became an event that influenced the politics and history of the United States.

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3. July 11, 1859

Big Ben begins operation – On July 11, 1859, Big Ben, the great bell located on the Elizabeth Tower at the Palace of Westminster, London, begins operating. Big Ben is one of the most famous landmarks in England and an iconic symbol of London.

4. July 11, 1921

Independent Mongolia – On July 11, 1921, Mongolia officially proclaimed its independence from the Republic of China. Mongolia then became an independent nation known as Outer Mongolia, before coming under the influence of the Soviet Union.

5. July 11, 1960

El Congo (Congo) independence from Belgium – On July 11, 1960, Congo (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) gained independence from Belgium. This event marked the end of Belgian colonialism in the region.

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