Seeing the History and Benefits of the Unique Celebration of July 6 as International Kissing Day, see more – Does anyone know what day July 6 is celebrated as? Well, it turns out that every July 6 is celebrated as International Kissing Day or International Kissing Day.

This unique celebration originally developed from Roman culture and then spread to Europe.

Then what is the history of the establishment of International Kissing Day, along with the explanation.

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History of International Kissing Day (International Kissing Day)

International Kissing Day was established for the first time in 2006. The goal is to be able to give love and happiness to loved ones through the simple movement of giving a kiss.

Because before that, many people forgot about this simple treatment for those closest to them.

Not only that, many also misinterpret kissing, even though this simple movement can express affection for both family and partners.

The culture introduced by the Romans initially determined a person’s social status.

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The judgment is based on the time, place and way of kissing someone.

Actually there are several kisses that are widely known by the public including kisses on the cheeks, forehead kisses, kisses on the lips and mouth.

These three kisses are simple gestures that can convey affection and can express deep expressions of love.

Benefits of Commemorating International Kissing Day

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