MT Haryono’s house will be turned into a museum, this is the story behind the difficulty of collecting the hero’s belongings

[ad_1] – The house left by the revolutionary hero MT Haryono will soon be turned into a museum, said MT Haryono’s son, Rianto Nurhadi in a video uploaded on Ahmad Nowmenta Putra’s YouTube channel, Keep History Alive on Sunday, 2 July 2023.

In a short tour at Lieutenant General MT Haryono’s house, Rianto Nurhadi explained the obstacles behind the process of making the house into a museum, one of which was the small amount of the hero’s relics that had been collected.

Rianto Nurhadi also said that the reason for the difficulty in collecting his father’s relics was because his mother decided to throw away and burn most of MT Haryono’s unused belongings.

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“So you see, my mother is a very realistic person,” said Rianto Nurhadi explaining the reason his mother got rid of most of MT Haryono’s relics.

“He doesn’t want that bitter experience to be part of his future. So many of my father’s legacies, all kinds of stars, were wrapped up with him, just thrown away. He doesn’t want to remember that time,” said Rianto Nurhadi.

The revolutionary hero’s son also explained that his mother wanted to focus on looking to the future and taking care of her five children and didn’t want her sad past to distract her from doing that.

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Rianto Nurhadi also told that his mother raised 5 children after the departure of his father who was shot dead by the PKI at the house on October 1, 1965.

The hardest thing about raising 5 children alone for the mother was sending them to school, and Rianto Nurhadi admitted that he was grateful to be able to get scholarships in the Philippines.

Previously, Rianto Nurhadi also accompanied the Keep History Alive host, Ahmad Nowmenta, to see the room where MT Haryono was shot.

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Rianto Nurhadi recounted that his father had hidden behind a cupboard and wanted to fight back against Cakrabirawa members who entered his room.

He also pointed out the location where the father’s blood had pooled on the floor, which was between the cupboard and the bed.
It was also at that location, the mother mopped up the blood of her father who was taken away to Crocodile Hole.

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