Let’s Take a Look at the Establishment of the National Police on July 1, Here’s the History of the Establishment of the Indonesian National Police in full, Check out the Reviews

BONSERNEWS.com – A number of events have occurred and become historical records on July 1.

Like the forerunner of the establishment of the National Police until Croatia joined the European Union.

Let’s remember the events that happened on July 1. The following is the history of the birth of the Police.

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1909 – The Birth of Abdulrahman Saleh Indonesian Hero

Abdulrahman Saleh was born on July 1, 1909 in Jakarta.

Abdulrahman Saleh was educated at HIS (Dutch-language public school or Hollandsch Inlandsche School) MULO (Meer Uitgebreid Lager Onderwijs) or now SLTP.

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Then, he continued his studies at AMS (Algemene Middelbare School), which is currently called SMU, and then continued on to STOVIA (School Tot Opleiding van Inlandsche Artsen).

Because at that time STOVIA was disbanded before he finished his studies there, he continued his studies at GHS (Geneeskundige Hoge School), a kind of high school in the field of health or medicine.

1946 – The forerunner to the establishment of the National Police is celebrated as Bhayangkara Day

Initially the police were within the Ministry of Home Affairs under the name of the State Police Department which was only responsible for administrative matters, while operational matters were responsible to the Attorney General.

Then, since July 1, 1946 with the 1946 Government Decree No. 11/SD Department of the State Police who are directly responsible to the Prime Minister.

It is July 1 that is celebrated every year as Bhayangkara Day until now.

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