July 14, 2023: Commemoration of National Tax Day, Getting to Know History and Meaning, See More


BONSERNEWS.com – Does anyone know what day July 14th is celebrated as? Well, on that date is celebrated as National Tax Day.

This commemoration aims to increase awareness of the importance of paying taxes for the community, because it is one of the obligations of the state.

Then what is the history and meaning of commemorating National Tax Day, along with a brief explanation.

History of National Tax Day

According to a book entitled Rise With Taxesthe word tax was first mentioned by Rajidman Widiodiningrat during a small finance committee meeting, to be precise at the BPUPKI meeting which was held on 2 June-9 July 1945.

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Taxes were then officially submitted by the Finance and Economics Bunkakai on July 14, 1945 in the second draft of the Constitution CHAPTER VII Financial Matters Article 23 which stated “all taxes for state needs based on law”.

The importance of taxes for the state which later gave birth to an institution namely the Directorate General of Taxes on July 14, 1945 which became the embodiment of tax legitimacy in Indonesia.

Reported by the Directorate General of Taxes (DJP) website, the establishment of National Tax Day was first commemorated on July 14 2018 in accordance with Directorate General of Taxes Decree No.KEP-313/PJ/2017 December 22 2017.

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Commemoration of National Tax Day can be carried out by carrying out flag ceremonies, seminars on the importance of taxes.

Besides that, it can also be done simply by knowing the amount of tax that needs to be paid as a citizen.

The Meaning of Commemoration of National Tax Day

The meaning contained in the commemoration of National Tax Day is to raise awareness of the importance of taxes for the state and society in order to fulfill the public interest.

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