Correct salutation in the letter – that’s how it works for superiors


The correct form of address in business dealings

In business dealings, the polite form always applies.

  • This means that the correct salutation in letters from all your superiors, people you do not know better and cross-departmental work colleagues is: “Dear” and the surname of the person.
  • Always speak the person by their name, usually their family name, e.g. B. “Dear Ms. Bauer”, “Dear Mr. Stein”.
  • The salutation “Dear Sir or Madam” should only be used if you do not know the person by name, i.e. if you really do not know them.
  • The salutation “Hello” is only okay for direct colleagues with whom you may also be on first name terms.

Correct salutation rules in letters and business e-mails

  • The salutation: “Dear Sir or Madam” is formal and correct as usual in the letter to superiors and external addressees.
  • Instead of “Dear Sir,” you can also use the following salutations: “Hello, Sir” or “Hello, Mrs.”
  • If you want to write a message to your line manager (A) and your line manager’s line manager (B), then the correct form of address is to first address the “top” line manager (B) and then your line manager (A).
  • The letter salutation: “Dear boss, dear sir…, dear colleagues” can be used depending on the level of familiarity with the individual person. Please note, however, that you have to address according to the order of precedence. Name the external people first, followed by your boss, then your colleagues.
  • With the usual “Hello” you communicate on a private level, i.e. with colleagues who know you well. The same goes for: “Dear Madam/Mr.”
  • If you want to put people in “cc”, you do not have to take this into account when addressing them. These people are not direct addressees and are only attached to the e-mail for information purposes.

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