What The Forecast?!! - the weather app with a different approach

One of the most mundane topics to discuss is probably the weather. With nothing more than ‘hot’, ‘cold’, ‘wet’, ‘humid’, ‘windy’, ‘sticky’, and the occasional ‘pleasant’ to blurt out, there isn't really much to enjoy when it comes to describing the weather - until now. What The Forecast?!! is undeniably the most entertaining weather app the world has ever seen. No it doesn't give you the readings in virtual reality and neither does it blow hot wind into your face when asked about the weather in the Caribbean. What it does do, though, is bring a little life into the description of the weather around you.

The descriptions are insanely hilarious and are impressively accurate. Yes, the app does showcase the temperature and other details, but with that, you get witty one-liners that will put a smile on your face, no matter what. What The Forecast?!! or WTF?!! is customizable to ensure every user gets what they want, and with 7000+ different phrases, every day will bring something new.

On the main page, you will find the temperature, high and low, as well as wind speeds. Scrolling up from there will bring you to a more detailed page that includes upcoming weather conditions for the following days, detailed readings, and forecasts on an hourly basis. Customization, as mentioned earlier, is the apps biggest asset. Users can change the colors, radius, time and weather formats, and so much more. The profanity of the descriptions can also be customized to ensure it is kid-friendly as well. Users can choose ‘Some’, ‘On’, or ‘Off’ in terms of the number of curse words used.

The app carries all the basic features you would find in a weather app, but pushes in that extra something to keep users coming back for more. Phrases such as “You Live In A Frozen Hellhole” or “Its Bright And Beautiful Outside. Which Is In Stark Contrast To My Black Soul” and similar such descriptions can be expected with this one of a kind weather app.

Another brilliant feature is a voice which reads out the description for you. Here too, users can customize the voice settings and change the accent, volume, pitch, and rate of the reading voice. What The Forecast?!! is available for both Android and iOS for free, but users can pay $1 for adding new voices and $2 for an ad-free version of the app. So, go ahead and give WTF?!! a shot and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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