March 2018 new best games: try it on your mobile

Spring brings renovation to all the aspects of our life. The gaming world as well takes a sip of fresh ideas. We’ve made a selection of the best new games of March 2018 for you. They are funny, cheerful and will bring joy to your spring days.

Kitty Powers’ Love Life

Spring is about love. And love is about Kitty Powers’ Love Life. Feel yourself like Cupid playing this game. Help the couples meet, get to know each other, fall in love, have fun together, and eventually get married. Use all the game tools to make your own Love Village the happiest place for the enamored. You build houses where the couples could live and the interesting places for them to visit. You might as well act like a psychologist and help your characters stay in a good relationship. You will like the game if you are a Sims adherent and fond of life simulations.

Alto’s Odyssey

Get some visual aesthetics before the flowers and trees burst into blossom. The sequel of Alto’s Adventure that took place in the snow, Alto’s Odyssey shifted to a desert. It’s an attractive, beautiful place, which makes this sandboarding game almost meditative. You are going to have a lot of unforgettable moments with Alto and his friends. All together you will be exploring a mysterious and beckoning desert. Travel through dunes and canyons, go to ancient temples along the way. Mischievous lemurs will try to outwit you during your journey. Don’t let them do it and get to the desert as you wished from the very beginning.


Dissembler is a tricky puzzle in which you have to unravel the abstract patterns step by step. Your goal is to group the tiles of the same color and to remove them from the field. Take care of removing them all. Start with simple puzzles and gradually move to more complex ones. The latter would probably break your head, but resolving such a hard kind of task would train your intellect. The puzzles are designed as eyecatcher; the colors are pleasant and the interface is simple. The sounds are relaxing and pleasing for ears. So it is meditation playing Dissembler.

The Battle Of Polytopia

Make your spring gaming ambitious: rule the world and fight the evil with The Battle Of Polytopia. It is one of the best examples of strategic adventures. You’ve got a tribe, that needs to grow and populate. When it becomes rather powerful a will to conquer emerges. While wandering in the dark cold forests of Banduria you discover unexplored lands and master new technologies. You meet people from other tribes as well and you need to fight them to establish yourself in your rights. But winning all the battles is not the main goal. You should pay attention to the development of your city: make roads to let it grow larger and generate functional buildings to increase empire’s wealth.

Holy Potatoes! A Weapons Shop?!

The incredible universe of potatoes right here on your smartphone! Most of these potatoes are blacksmiths, and under your rule, they are going to create different kinds of weapon. Develop your blacksmith business and sell your product to the other potato characters. It’s a fun and entertaining process, especially when you get to know that some of the habitants of this fictional world are the pop-stars. And they need some unique weapon. So you’ll need to do your best in potato smithy. Anyway loads of amusing moments guaranteed.


Love issue is still on the agenda. What can be more exciting than a first love experience? We advise you to fall in love this spring together with Florence. In this game, you’ll find a sophisticated story of a young girl who meets the love of her life. Florence and Krish go on their first date, then move to a daily routine and arguments, and this exclusive emotional journey entirely belongs to a player. Sometimes you will be involved in their relationship, the other time you’ll stay just a spectator. Nevertheless, this graphic novel won’t leave you indifferent and will bring a romantic mood to your life.

Part Time UFO

Part Time UFO is an odd game with funny missions. Your little UFO is a newcomer on the Earth, so he has to find a job, and it would implicate the using of his giant claw. UFO flies to different places and with the help of his claw completes distinctive tasks. It can help out at a farm, cook at the restaurants, support cheerleaders, build castles, and lots of other contrasting stuff. Each new mission would be more puzzled, so be ready for the new challenges. Though occasionally it may seem complicated, we gotta say it will be joyful all the time. Graphics and soundtrack are entirely charming and take you straight to the console gaming spirit.

Irradiate your spring with these new games. They are available both on iOS and Android, and you can download them on your smartphone with no extra effort. And then, waiting in the queue, staying on a bus-stop or merely expecting for warm days to come, take the gadget from your pocket and play these fabulous games. Don’t forget to entertain yourself in any unclear situation!   

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